Melon VPN Apk v5.1 Download For Android

Melon VPN Apk v5.1 Download For Android


Melon VPN is a cyber security saving tool created by Vego APP 3d and is used for providing the users with security over the internet as well as prevent applications from scanning identities and cyber criminals from hacking or stealing information. This app hides IP addresses, removes geographic restrictions and provides multiple servers to unlock apps.

Melon VPN

Safety and Protocols

If you are a regular torrent downloader then you may know how important it is to hide your identity. By using Melon VPN it can be done easily without letting anyone to monitor the users downloads or getting access to personal information as well as this app supports major VPN protocols. This application supports OpenVPN, IKEv2 and L2TP as well as provides a military grade encryption while the users can perform communication between their devices and internet servers easily.

Melon VPN

Browsing Made Easy

This application does not hold possession of any logs as it does not log any browsing sessions so it makes all the browsing activities private without any wandering histories or records for third party apps or future reference. This application does not require any additional downloads or software installations. Simply log in to the app then set up the device and connect to the server and start browsing.

Melon VPN

Worldwide and Multiple Devices

The servers of this tool are distributed around the globe so that the users can access their content from anywhere without getting noticed and this comes with multi support as the users can configure this service for routers, media centers, mobile devices as well as normal PCs and can connect up to six devices at once.

Melon VPN


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Q. How to use Melon VPN?

Simple, just download and install the app then go to your account and set up the application with settings and configure then lastly, just connect to a server and you are good to go, start your anonymous browsing.

Q. Is Melon VPN safe?

There is always a risk of cybercrimes and cyber criminals while browsing the internet. If you use a VPN it secures your identity as well as your information so Melon VPN is safe as it uses military grade encryption algorithms for working.

Q. Does Melon VPN work with Kodi?

Yes! You can configure the Kodi home theatre software with Melon VPN network configuration and access your favorite content without getting geo blocked.

Q. How does Melon VPN work?

When the servers are connected, the sites the user visits do not recognize them and their data is encrypted that can be only decoded by the intended recipient as it is encoded into cipher text.


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