Bluetooth For PC Windows 10/8 /7 32 bit Free Download

Bluetooth For PC Windows 10/8 /7 32 bit Free Download


Bluetooth is a software which allows you to send and receive files from computer to computer or from pc to android and vice versa. You can easily share anything such as media files and documents to anyone using Bluetooth. Share files without any limit. It is a free to use application. It has beautiful user interface. It uses clean services and provide best performance. This Bluetooth app automatically updates the drivers to the latest version. You can easily connect your pc to your android using Bluetooth app. Download now for free and start sharing files without any problem.

Bluetooth For PC

Bluetooth Send Files

Bluetooth is a great application on pc which let you send files to your friends and family. You can send files such a music, movies, pictures, documents and other files without any problem. It allows you to send unlimited files. This app uses advanced sharing technology to transfer data rapidly and safely. It does not allow any other app to steal your personal data. Send files to your friends and family easily. Send big files within a matter of minutes.

Bluetooth Receive Files

This app allows you to receive any type of file from other computers using Bluetooth services. You can receive media files such as movies, images, voice mails, music files and other documents within minutes. It does not limit your usage. You can use this Bluetooth app without any limit and problem. It is completely secure to use Bluetooth for receiving files and media from other computers. It scans the file first and then let you send and receive.

Bluetooth For PC

Bluetooth Automatic Updates

It is a great feature which automatically updates the app to the latest version. Bluetooth regularly checks for the latest update. You can even update the Bluetooth manually by checking for update. Developers of this app keep the app up to date and add new features and make it stable. Update to the latest version to fix the bugs and issues within the app. Updates are small and does not affect your pc storage.


Bluetooth Safe and Secure

Safety and security is the first priority which people want from every app developer. Bluetooth delivers the best safe and secure services. It uses highly optimized servers and technology to transfer data from one pc to another. It does not send harmful files. It basically scans the files automatically and let you know if there is any harmful file in it. You can now transfer files and media without any problem.

Bluetooth For PC

Bluetooth Absolutely Free

Bluetooth for pc is absolutely free of cost. You can download software without paying any single penny. There are no hidden charges available and no registration is necessary for this app. Simply download and start using the Bluetooth for free.


Q. How can I download Bluetooth for PC?

You can download Bluetooth for your pc by just visiting our site. Download the setup and install in your pc for free.

Q. Can I download Bluetooth for Window 10?

Yes, this software is optimized for all the window versions.


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