GTA 5 DOWNLOAD FOR PC Highly Compressed

GTA 5 DOWNLOAD FOR PC Highly Compressed


GTA 5 for PC is an action PC game allowing players to impersonate as a thug trying to live in a criminal underworld. This game allows user to go on various missions and to have unlimited possibilities to enjoy. This game supports various languages and the action takes place in Los Santos. The graphics are amazing and the player can control three characters coming from different cultural backgrounds. The city is filled with various citizens, buildings and specified atmospheres and includes a unique history that relates to the plot of the game. The players can visit the suburban areas in the game where many events are being taken place for them to solve the missions there.


No Money? No Problem

This game does not require any money. The story of the game revolves around the heist and not the players robbing the banks continuously. The players can rob convenience stores and other places for them to gain money that they want.

Play With Bikes or Other Vehicles

This new Grand Theft Auto consists of unlimited supply of vehicles as there are bikes, cars, vans and more available to select from. This open world game now introduces bikes for the players to enjoy and get the thrill out of running with the winds and immense speed.


Restoring Files

The best feature is of restoring files as there are times when the games crashes or the saved files are deleted by mistake and it can be really frustrating as all the progress of the game is removed. But GTA 5 comes with its own libraries where they store the files of the game so that if faced with such a problem, the player can restore the game and can even uninstall and then reinstall and restore with ease.


Multiplayer and Offline Modes

This game comes in two modes that is online multiplayer and offline single player. The campaign mode is what the player has to leave when they enter the multiplayer modes as GTA 5 loads each segment of the game separately. The players can create their own avatars and can customize them according to their own gender, clothes and other accessories.



This game has an amazing gameplay providing unlimited hours of play to the players. There are many matches that the player can select from such as death match, team death match, missions, last team standing, capture, races and many more on the biker gangs. The gameplay now is much smoother and brings with it less adventure and more action for the players to enjoy. 4K quality graphics, largest map ever to exist in the history of GTA, improvement of the driving mechanisms of the vehicles and dubbed voices of the characters are included.


Q. How many MBs is GTA 5?

Actually GTA 5 is not a game that comes in MBs type of storage, this games requires a disk space of 95 GBs to run and install with ease.

Q. Is GTA 5 an offline game?

Yes! GTA 5 is available offline but only a single player can play it, if the system requirements are completed.


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