PUBG Mobile Lite for PC Download Free Full Version 2022

PUBG Mobile Lite for PC Download Free Full Version 2022


PUBG Mobile Lite is an immensely popular multiplayer battle royal game PC. It is a lite version of PUBG mobile. Matches last for 10 minutes or less in this game. 60 players can join a match at a time. There are beautiful 2km x 2km maps in game. Play arena and classic matches with intense 4v4 battle. Team up with your friends and defeat your opponents. Survive till last and rule the island with your skills. It has highly optimized HD graphics for low-end devices. You can play this game on 1 GB Ram device without any lag.

PUBG Mobile Lite For PC

PUBG Mobile Lite Fair Gameplay

It promotes the fair gaming environment by using the advanced anti-cheat system. This anti-cheat system ensures that no one will be able to cheat in game. All the players can enjoy fair gameplay. If someone uses cheat in game, them the ID will get banned immediately. This feature enhances the gameplay and attracts players to play this game fairly. No one will be able to use any cheat system in this game.

PUBG Mobile Lite Arena Mode

Play arena mode with endless respawns. It is a 4v4 battle against two squads. You have to complete the required score before the opponent team in order to win the arena match. You can join random squad in this mode as well. You can do voice chat with other players for better strategy. Clear the arena map with your skills and send enemies back to lobby.

PUBG Mobile Lite For PC

PUBG Mobile Lite Team Up with Friends

You can team up with your friends. Make new friends in game and play together. Join clans and crew in game and earn rewards on completing missions. There are tons of rewards in clan missions. Send and receive friend requests and team up with your local squad or international squad. Send gifts to your friends and receive popularity in game.


PUBG Mobile Lite Incredible Graphics

This game has incredible graphics with HD quality. The amazing 3D gameplay with realistic and immersive graphics make the game more realistic and exciting. It has high quality map with stunning textures and shadow quality. It delivers high definition audio quality because hearing skills are the key to win close-range fights. Visual effects and realistic sound effects make the gameplay thrilling and interesting.

PUBG Mobile Lite For PC

PUBG Mobile Lite Free to Play

This game is absolutely free to play however there are in-game items available which you can buy with real money. You do not have to pay anything if you want to download and play this game on your PC. All the servers are completely to use. There are no any hidden charges in this game unless you want to buy something premium.


Q. How can I play PUBG Mobile Lite on PC?

You simply need to download an android emulator on your PC and install this game in it. Launch and play without any problem.

Q. What is the latest version available of PUBG Mobile Lite for PC?

0.21.0 is currently the latest version available which you can download from our website for free.


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