Torrdroid For PC (2022) - Free Download for Windows 10/8/7

Torrdroid For PC (2022) – Free Download for Windows 10/8/7


TorrDroid for PC is a downloader type of application which allows users to download their favorite torrent files from the internet. Downloading large files is a big hassle for users all around the world so the only solution is torrent downloads. This application allows users to directly search the torrents then find them and download the files with ease having good internet speed. All types of files can be downloaded such as software, movies, videos, audios, books and more without having to pay a single penny for these downloads. Usage of this tool is extremely easy and the simple user interface allows easy downloading experience. The built in video support allows previews of the videos before downloading the torrent completely.

Torrdroid For PC

Torrdroid Torrent Files

The TorrDroid for PC enables users to easily include the links with .torrent extensions and lets the user to browse the torrent files for download directly from the built in search engine rather than searching them on outside search engines. The torrent files can be directly added to the application through this feature and can be swiftly and speedily downloaded.

If the users do not want to use the built in search features of the application, they can always go for the magnet link downloads through the application. This application supports both magnet link sharing as well as individual downloads directly from torrent or the users can always download the torrent file links and add torrents to the application.

Torrdroid For PC

The smart search feature of this torrent downloader does not let the user to get out of the application and then search for the torrent files rather allows the users to stay and search within the application. The users can select whether they want to download the files over Wi-Fi or their own mobile data that may cause some data charges.


Torrdroid Preview while Download

This application supports LSD, UPnP, NAT-PMP and DHT. There is no restriction on the speed limit on downloads present and the sequential downloads allow the users to play their videos and have previews even before the torrent file has completely downloaded. The application is completely free and does not require any additional charges.

Torrdroid For PC

Torrdroid Multiple Files at a Single Time

The users can enjoy downloading of multiple torrents at a single time and automatic queuing of downloads depending on the system memory of the PCs. The progress for each download is available in their folder and the torrents can easily be viewed, added, opened or deleted directly from the application. The users can set their own upload or downloading limits according to their own desire within the application to get the best torrent downloading experience.


Q. Is TorrDroid for PC a safe application?

Yes! This application is completely safe to use and is available for download and installation on your personal computers.

Q. Can I run TorrDroid for PC on my personal computers?

Yes! Torrdroid can be downloaded and used on your personal computers without any hassles involved.


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