Xender for PC Download (2022 Latest) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Xender for PC Download (2022 Latest) for Windows 10, 8, 7


Xender is a great and popular file transferring app for pc. It is a data transfer utility app. It allows you to transfer data from pc to pc. You can also transfer data from pc to mobile or from mobile to pc easily using this app. It is a highly optimized app and use powerful sharing engine to transfer data within no time. It is a free to use data transferring tool for pc. Share anything such as media files, documents, images, videos and even more from one computer to another. You do not need any kind of wire to transfer data because it works wirelessly.

Xender For PC

Xender Multi-Platform

It is a multi-platform app which means that you can use this app on your computer as well as on mobile. You can transfer data between different devices. Send any kind of data from pc to pc or from mobile to pc. This app is available on all the platforms including android and iOS. The speed of transferring the data is so fast. You can send multiple files within a moment of minutes.

Xender Easy to Install and Use

The installation process of this app is so quick and simple. You simply need to visit the official site of the app and install it in your pc. This app is very simple and easy to use. All the features are beautifully organized. Simply open the app and select the files which you want to send and share. You can open the app through desktop shortcut for easy access.

Xender For PC

Xender Transfer Wirelessly

You do not need any wire to transfer data from one computer to another because it works wirelessly. You can easily transfer data without wire. You just need to connect both computer with the Wi-Fi and connect the app to each other in order to send the data easily and quickly. You can send big files within minutes and can transfer multiple files at once to save your time and work. Millions of people prefer this app because it is totally free and greatly optimized.


Xender Free to Use

This app is absolutely free to use. You do not need to pay any single penny for this app. Download the setup for free and start transferring your data for free of cost. There are no hidden charges in the app. You can send unlimited files. Share media files and documents with up to unlimited size.

Xender For PC

Xender Safe and Secure

This data transferring app is fully safe and secure. It uses secure database and servers to transfer files and documents from one computer to another. This app automatically scans all the files before sending it to another computer.


Q. What is the size of Xender app for PC?

It is a small-sized app with the size of 23 MB. You do not need any large storage in order to download this tool into your pc.

Q. Can I download Xender app in Window 10?

Can I download Xender app in Window 10?


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