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Always put a coin in your Fufu Mortar when transporting it!

Many have wondered why people transporting local fufu mortar widely known as ‘wodro’ leave a coin it. Via a Facebook post, a user questioned her followers on the rationale behind the coin in the fufu mortar.

The Facebook post asking the purpose of the coin in fufu mortar.
The Facebook post asking the purpose of the coin in mortar.

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Here is an answer given by an African culture and tradition expert:

Let me answer this question here so my friends also benefit from it. Mortars are carved out of wood and are Graven. You have to put money in it so that the coin is the occupant in the mortar to declare, it’s for domestic use and that it’s not for spiritual purposes so they shouldn’t occupy it. In the olden days when coins wasn’t invented, ancestors used goat teeth or pieces of salt in place of coins. Many people who never learn this tradition went to the market, bought one and brought home with it. Later, a kind of unseen spirit dwells in their home till date. It’s not for you to believe or not. That’s why in ancestral homes and some tribes, you don’t use any object to hit a mortar when it’s settled on the floor. The mortar can accommodate any form of spiritual energy you won’t see unless you have a third or spiritual eye. This practice is not anything Ghanaian or African. It’s a spiritual law and rule. It doesn’t matter the tradition, tribe or country you are from. It applies to anywhere spirits can move to.

Just know that anything carved from wood can occupy or accommodate or invite unseen supernatural beings. Bad spirits mostly are always roaming about looking for wooden objects mostly to occupy and be worshipped. The coin serves as a bodyguard, protector and a warning to any kind of dwelling spirit that tries to enter the mortar or any carved wood and stay in as a god of destruction or success. So when you buy a mortar, make sure you place any coin at all inside it before sending it home. Even if you’ll carry it home or put in inside a vehicle, it doesn’t matter. You still have to place any coin inside it. When you get home, you can take the coin out of the wooden object and use the coin for anything at all!! Answered by Kojo Odehe.

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  1. Anything carved out of wood …???
    So does the author put coins on all furniture in his room ???
    What about his ‘tapoli’ and ‘benkuta’…
    Does he do that for his wooden wardrobe or bookshelf ???


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