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Medikal calls out Criss Waddle: Real Beef or PR Stunt?

All seems to be going south in the AMG camp as Medikal in a series on tweets punches AMG boss Criss Waddle.

Ghanaian rapper Criss Waddle

The Background

Criss Waddle after a-year absence from releasing music just released a single titled ‘Take me Away’ which features BET award winner Stonebwoy today. The Afro-Pop single is coming off Criss Waddle’s upcoming album.

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Few hours after the ‘P3 Kakra’ hitmaker released his song, fellow AMG teammate Medikal took to twitter to let the world know of his disappointment in Criss Waddle.

The Tweets

According to the tweets by rapper Medikal, he has been trying to get in touch with Criss Waddle but all attempts has proven futile and hence his decision to get to him via social media.

For some skeptics, this may just be purely a PR strategy to promote their singles, ‘Take me Away’ by Criss Waddle and Letter to my Ex’ by Medikal.

The tweets by Medikal

Prior to the release of ‘Take me Away’, Criss Waddle posted on Facebook trying to explain what he is about and refuting claims of him involved in many unwarranted means to make a living. Setting the tone for discussion around forthcoming album. He officially dropped the single just days after that post.

The Facebook post by Criss Waddle

Medikal, unexpectedly logged on to twitter to call out the man many consider to be his mentor and then, also announced the release of his video for his latest release ‘Letter to my Ex’ later in the evening.

Basically, the timing suggests this is all just to direct traffic to the AMG camp and their current releases. Generally, this will get netizens jumping between their links to try and decode the hidden messages in the songs.

Having stayed out of the music game for so long, Criss Waddle surely can do with some hype and publicity for his upcoming album and current single. But, we must also add that, we are only trying to make sense of the situation and cannot draw firm conclusions at this point

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