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A Great Stress Reliever: Some Amazing Benefits of Bay Leaf

It may be just an ordinary-looking leaf, but a bay leaf is packed with flavour, aroma, health and wellness.

Bay Leaf
Bay Leaves

It is a herb that can be traced to ancient times. The Bay laurel (Laurus nobilis, Lauraceae), similar to the bay leaf, was the main constituent in the wreaths of laurel used for crowning the victorious athletes in ancient Greece. Also known as Sweet Bay or Sweet Laurel, it is one of the most commonly used herbs. Its history dates back to the legends of the Greek god Apollo, the god of prophecy, healing, strength, protection and energy.

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You can cook the leaves and inhale the steam to get rid of mucus and reduce the severity of the cough. It protects against heart attack and stroke, because it contains compounds that protect the heart and blood vessels. It is rich in acids such as caffeic acid, quercetin, eigenol and parthenolide, which are substances that prevent the formation of cancer cells in the body. Eliminates insomnia and stress if taken before bedtime and helps to relax and sleep peacefully. Drinking a cup of boiled bay leaf twice a day dissolves kidney stones and cures infections.

Just as we typically burn incense sticks, bay leaves are also burned in homes and places of worship as a part of spiritual rites and rituals. The leaf is believed to contain a multitude of chemicals that are released on burning and are beneficial to the body. Burning a bay leaf has also been found to relieve stress and fatigue. The combination of chemicals, specifically the chemical linalool in the leaves creates smoke that, when inhaled, calms the body and the mind. Patrons also associate bay leaf smoke with more focused meditation. Inhalation of this smoke is also said to boost one’s immune system and treat respiratory issues. It is believed that consuming about 1 to 3 grams of fresh bay leaf regularly, can also help one to effectively deal with Type II diabetes.

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Learn how to take away your worries and make your wishes come true with the magical uses of the Leaf. Bay leaf, also known as bay laurel, is a powerful herb that is useful for manifestation, prosperity, protection, cleansing and even psychic development. It is a favorite herb of many as it is easily accessible, has multiple magical uses and is easy to grow inside of your home or garden. Take the leaf and write your wishes and desires directly on the leaf. While holding the bay leaf, begin to channel your wants, intentions and wishes into the leaf. Take as much time as you need to focus your energy, feelings and visualizations into the leaf. Feel and visualize receiving what you are asking for and be open to receive it. Once you are finished channeling and feel ready, burn the leaf. Watch the smoke of the leaf carry your wishes and intentions out into the universe.

Bay leaves are widely known for their power to develop psychic abilities, and most commonly, what’s known as the “clairs”. What this means is that bay leaves can help to heighten your extrasensory abilities, in order to receive psychic messages, communicate with your spiritual team, and connect to the Universe. You can sleep with a bay leaf under your pillow to receive psychic messages in your dreams. This same method also helps with lucid dreaming or astral travel, both of which are difficult techniques but, once mastered, can help to connect you with ancestors.

Source: Kojo Odehe and Talking GH



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