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Black Sherif and His Kwaku The Traveller Music Video: The Breakdown

The Kwaku The Traveller music video by Black Sherif is by far,arguably, the best concept I’ve seen in a Ghanaian music video. It’s beautifully done and all the elements fall in place to tell a beautiful story.

Ghanaian musician Black Sherif

Opening of Black Sherif – Kwaku The Traveller video

A young man[Black Sherif] gets tired of living the “corporate” life and decided he’s had enough. The corporate life represents the basic life we all live, each day as a means to survive.

He sets out to seek the path to his destiny by consulting (scene where he enters the room to woman clad in red)
From there, most of the scenes and visualizations that occur ( image distortions et al) represent Black Sherif seeing his destiny before him. It shows he’ll be rich, but the process is what he has to choose. Obviously he chooses to get rich quick and that comes with its own repercussions

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Closing of Black Sherif – Kwaku The Traveller video

The scene where he’s on the treadmill represents some things which I’ll try to breakdown.

a. A life of a cover up. Despite his ill wealth acquisition, Black Sherif plays a normal person in the eyes of society, just like a lot of people do. They live a lie to cover up.

b. The shot establishing the bride. The shots were mostly wide shots and that’s for a purpose. Let me explain.

The treadmill again represents hard work, and the bride in the distance sums up the dreams of many young men: to work hard, make money and marry, have a family.

c. Black Sherif’s arrest in the end also gives a lesson on morals, to wit, there’s not shortcut to success. He missed his bride (what we can term as society’s measure of success) and was shamed.

d. However, the twist here is this. Not everyone may wish to be fulfilled in the eyes of society. Success and measure of wealth depends on the individual.
KKT knew they’ll come after him. He still stayed in there relaxed, and even exercising: a representation of him preparing for the “hard life” ahead.
He surrendering in the end sums up the song saying “of course I fucked up! Who never fucked up hands in the air”!

KKT travels through choices and phases of life to make a full journey of living a fulfilled life or otherwise depending on where you choose to look at it from

If you ask me, the video is a master piece and tells a beautiful story!

Source: Dela Dem(Facebook)

Watch Black Sherif’s Kwaku The Traveller music video here …



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