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Black Sherif taken to court by his financier

After the release of his chart-topping hit song ‘Kwaku The Traveler’, it was one good news after the other for arguably hottest music act in Ghana today, Black Sherif but it appears that has changed now with a legal suit against him by his financier.

Black Sherif

In court documents sighted by, Black Sherif has been sued by an individual named Shadrach Adjei Owusu who we assume to be his financier popularly known as Wayne Chavis.

Law Suit

The lawsuit is, in fact, not too surprising considering the fact that Wayne Chavis had made it clear through his representatives that he was considering the legal route in order to settle matters with Black Sherif.

In an interview with Ameyaw Debrah, a representative of Wayne Chavis known as Kweku Kristo stated that the problems started after management had expressed their disagreement with an ‘unfavorable’ proposal from Empire, Blacko went behind them to sign am contract to produce ‘Second Sermon Remix’ one song and an EP under EMPIRE, a leading independent label, distributor, and publisher.

After achieving unprecedented feats such as topping the ITunes Nigeria charts and being the number one Shazamed song in the world with his current hit song ‘Kwaku The Traveler’, we hope that these issues can be settled amicably and Blacko can continue his journey to conquer the world.

Source : Talking GH



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