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Luxembourg first in Europe to legalise growing and using cannabis


Adults in Luxembourg will be permitted to grow up to four cannabis plants in their homes or gardens under laws that will make it the first country in Europe to legalise production and consumption of the drug.

The announcement on Friday by Luxembourg’s government was said to deliver fundamental changes in the country’s approach to recreational cannabis use and cultivation in light of the failure of prohibition to deter use.

Under the legislation, people aged 18 and over will be able to legally grow up to four cannabis plants per household for personal use.

Trade in seeds will also be permitted without any limit on the quantity or levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the principal psychoactive constituent.

The government said it would be possible to buy seeds in shops, to import them or buy them online.

There is also the intention to allow for the domestic production of seeds for commercial purposes but plans for both a national production chain and state-regulated distribution have been delayed by the Covid pandemic.

For home-growers, the place of cultivation of their four plants will be limited to the usual place of residence, indoors or outdoors, on a balcony, terrace or garden.

A legal prohibition of the consumption and transport of cannabis or cannabis products in public will be maintained and trade in cannabis or cannabis products other than seeds, whether free of charge or in return for payment, remains prohibited.

Under a softening of the law, however, the consumption and transport of a quantity of up to 3 grams will no longer be considered a criminal offence, but classified as misdemeanour.

Government sources said the legislation was driven by a desire to liberalise consumption and cultivation “within one’s own four walls”.

The move is the first step of a more fundamental re-regulation of the state’s handling of cannabis designed to keep users away from the illegal market.

A system of state-regulated production and distribution is planned to ensure product quality with revenues from sales to be invested “primarily in prevention, education and healthcare in the broad field of addiction”, government sources said.

The general framework of the overhaul of the law had been agreed two years ago in a coalition agreement between the Liberals, the Social Democrats and the Greens.

Luxembourg will join Canada, Uruguay and 11 US states in flouting a UN convention on the control of narcotic drugs, which commits signatories to limit “exclusively for medical and scientific purposes the production, manufacture, export, import distribution, trade, employment and possession of drugs” including cannabis.

Uruguay became the world’s first country to create a legal national marijuana marketplace when it legalised the drug in 2013, and Canada followed suit in 2018.

In the Netherlands, possibly the European country most associated with a relaxed attitude toward the use of cannabis, its recreational use, possession and trade is technically illegal. It has a ‘tolerance policy’, or gedoogbeleid, under which recreational use is largely accepted within bounds.

Cannabis remains illegal to possess, grow, distribute, sell or grow in the UK. Those caught with the drug face a maximum of five years in prison, an unlimited fine or both. Several police forces have said they will no longer target recreational users and those with less than an ounce (28 grams) can be given a warning or on-the-spot fine.

Source: The Guardian

Rapper Medikal arrested for brandishing gun


Ghanaian rapper Samuel Adu Frimpong known in showbiz as Medikal has been arrested by personnel of the Accra Regional Police Command.

Police sources say he was arrested for brandishing a gun on social media.

This comes a few hours after dancehall artiste Shatta Wale and four other people were remanded into police custody for being accomplices in a case involving the publication of materials meant to cause fear and panic.

They were remanded by an Accra Circuit Court on Thursday, October 21, 2021, during their first appearance in court.

Shatta Wale was picked up by the police for spreading false news about an assassination attempt at his residence on October 19, 2021.

Man opens business for girlfriend, she then dumps him and marries customer

A Nigerian man has narrated how a lady he was in a relationship with stabbed him cruelly after investing heavily into turning her life around.

According to the man, he met the girl in the village and after she lost her parents, he decided to take the girl and her siblings to the city where he enrolled them in school.

In his narration, he said she refused to further her education stating that she wanted to start a business so she could help in training her younger ones which he agreed to and raised money for her.

A few years later after she had become successful, the woman called and told him that she was no more interested in the relationship and wanted to quit.

She then dropped the bombshell that she intends to marry one of her customers at the very shop he opened for her.

Read his story below;

I met Amaka when she was in the village and she was still in SS3, so we started dating with the hope after her graduation from higher institutions we will get married as husband and wife.

Something happened Two years after we had started dating, though my relationship with her was waxing strong then, She lost her parents to fire outbreak and Amaka is the first child of her parents, with four other siblings.

Months after the death of their parent they stopped going to school due to there was no money to sponsor their education, they started farming in the village and people were paying them for the labour.

As a man have the intention of marrying from the family and Amaka to be precise, i decided to carry them along to stay with me in township, i enrolled her siblings in school even i wanted her to further her education but she refused with a reason that she wouldn’t like me to be the only one carrying the problems of her family. She suggested to start up a business for her which i later greed and i raised some money and give to her to start the business.

Three years later she suggested we should rent an apartment for her siblings so we would be comfortable and it will give chance for us to plan for our future and marriage together, which i agreed.

After sometime, i noticed some changes in her character which didn’t suit well with me but whenever i confront her she will deny. It happened one day that she called me and told me that she is no longer interested in our relationship that she has found another man who is capable of taking good care of her and equally told me that their marriage date has be slated already. Who is the man she was talking about, one of her major customers, i have met the man several times in the shop, though he used to buy lots of good which i used to help and arranged some of the goods for him. But anytime i request to know more about the man due to the way he used to spend time in the shop and the manner they used to play, she will tell me that they are discussing about business after he is a customer.

This morning she just sent me text messages and her wedding invitation card that they are getting married next month. I went to the shop, she instructed the workers never to allow me in. I’m totally confused right now. Is this for real or am i dreaming?

I don’t know the father of my baby but I suspect three guys – Student cries out


A pregnant lady has revealed that she’s presently uncertain about who is responsible for putting her in the family way.

According to the lady who is a student, she actually slept with three men within that period that she took seed but on the flip side, she doesn’t regard any of her fxck boys as potential husbands because they don’t meet her specs.

She wrote to relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin, while seeking advice.

Her post reads in part:

“I’m currently pregnant but I saw my pe.riod last week and doctor said I’ve been pregnant for almost two months now. My issue now is that I don’t know the father.

I don’t know what is happening but I’m not ready to be a mother. I don’t know what is happening. I suspect three guys and all are not the type I want for a father. One has money but he is not loyal at all.”

In other development, a lady is worried that her husband is reading meanings into something trivial that is on the verge of causing friction in her marriage.

In a message addressed to a marriage expert who plies his trade online, the woman said her husband thinks she is cheating on him just because she has shaved her pubic hair.

According to the lady, she has not cheated on her husband before and the main reason she got rid of the hair was that she was feeling uncomfortable being bushy down there.

She posted;

“My husband is accusing me of cheating just because I shaved. See hairs makes me very uncomfortable, I scratch and pinch myself but my husband loves hairs in my private parts, not just that,he likes it really long, if I trim,it’s a problem if I shave it’s a bigger problem. I have kept my hairs for him since we have been dating except when he travels or we quarrel I will shave so that before he gets back it will grow.

Why Will I Choose IPhone 3 Over IPhone 13, Have You See My Wife – Reno Omokri Replies Lady Who Wants Him As Sugar Daddy


Nigerian author and lawyer, Reno Omokri has replied  a lady who asked him to become her sugar daddy.

The lady, Ahuoyiza Blizzcute, had stated her request under one of his Facebook posts. She wrote, “Hello handsome, can you be my sugar Zadddddy.”

Reacting to this, Reno took to his Instagram page to ask if the lady had seen his wife. Comparing her with his wife, he wondered why he would leave “iPhone 13 for iPhone 3”.

He further stated that if he does that he would not be a sugar daddy, but a bitter cola daddy, adding that he needs a better life and not a bitter one.

Omokri wrote;

“Dear Ahuoyiza Blizzcute,

Have you seen my wife? How will I leave iPhone 13 and follow iPhone 3 and call such sugar daddyism? That is bitter cola daddy. Tufiakwa! I want a better life, not a bitter one.”

See screenshot below;

“No Ghana card, no salary from Dec. 1, 2021” – Controller to gov’t workers


The Controller and Accountant General’s Department has served notice it would stop paying government workers who are not registered with the National Identification Authority (NIA).

The Department has therefore directed government workers to register and get their Ghana cards before December 1, 2021.

A statement issued by the Department announced its plans to harmonize its database to facilitate biometric and unique identification of all workers on the government payroll.

In so doing, the Department says it would be working with the NIA to achieve that. It has therefore disclosed that effective December 1, 2021, all government workers without Ghana cards would not be paid.

Read the statement from below:

Why should I leave the soft chest of a woman and do trumu? Rev. Abraham Lamptey charges as he reveals vjayjay is the sweetest thing on earth (Watch)


In consonance with the foregoing contentious anti-gay bill presented before parliament which is awaiting passage, Reverend Abraham Lamptey has offered a funny perspective to the discourse.

While delivering a fiery sermon in his church, Reverend Lamptey said the sweetness of a woman’s private part plus her succulent boobs literally makes the world go round.

Hence the founder and head of Believers’ House of Worship International wonders why a sane person will abandon this luxury and have sex with a fellow man.

Watch the video below;

Meanwhile, Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi, a board member of the LGBTQ+ Rights Ghana has stated that the new anti-gay bill is so unfair which is why she’ll vehemently continue opposing it till she drops dead.

She claims the argument been erected in favour of the bill hateful and claims that “all those who argue in favor of it do so without basis.”×280&!7&btvi=3&fsb=1&xpc=PJwDbvZNEV&p=https%3A//

Making her stance clear on Happy FM, madam Fiatsi said;  “I don’t know what I’ll do yet but that is never going to change my view on this bill, and that is never going to change my sexuality and gender. As a result, I’ll have to battle until the last drop of blood.”

Some legislators led by the NDC’s Sam George presented a draft of the Bill to the Speaker of Parliament on June 29, 2021. The goal of this bill is to broaden the current law, which allows for up to three years in prison for same-sex activities.

When passed, the proposed measure will make it illegal to advocate for, fund, or act on behalf of LGBTQ+ persons, while also promoting conversion therapy programs that seek to “convert” people from homosexuality to heterosexuality.

Meanwhile, a group of fifteen well-known legal, intellectual, and civil society figures have signed a memorandum opposing the anti-gay legislation currently before Parliament.

They argue in the memorandum that the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill 2021, which intends to punish LGBTQ+ and related activities, is a “unacceptable violation of human dignity.”

Talk about poor roads and other things politicians have failed to provide for citizens and leave homosexuals alone- Rev. Abraham Lamptey Slams Sam George


The founder of the Believers’ House of Worship International, Rev. Abraham Lamptey has fired shots at Sam Nartey George for championing the anti-gay bill and witch-hunting the LGBTQ+ community in Ghana.

Although he never said he was in favour of the activities of the LGBTQ+, he was particularly unimpressed with the passion with which the lawmaker was going about the whole issue.

Slamming Sam George who has now become a popular figure for his role in having gays activities criminalized in Ghana, Rev. Lamptey said politicians shirking their mandate in alleviating poverty of the ordinary citizens should be his main focus.

Watch the video below;

Offset buys wife, Cardi B a mansion as her 29th birthday present (Watch)


Rapper Offset his wife and colleague Cardi B a beautiful mansion as her 29th birthday present.

Offset got his wife dumbfounded with the unexpected gift while her birthday party which attracted mainstream superstars was being held Monday night at L.A River Studios.

Offset got on the mic and unveiled his gift with a video presentation, saying he wanted to get her something extra special after the big year they just had, including the birth of their son last month.

The new crip is reportedly situated in the Dominican Republic where the Bodak Yellow spitter hails from.  Cardi B’s 29th birthday party was attended by Chance The Rapper, 2 Chainz, Lizzo, Snoop Dogg, Tiffany Haddish, Teyana Taylor, and many others.

This new development is a dramatic upturn in their relationship, months after Cardi B served her husband with divorce papers calling her relationship “irretrievably broken”. She announced they had split in December 2018, amid rumours of his cheating.

The pair married in a private ceremony in 2017 and did not publicly reveal the news of their nuptials until around a year later.

After apologizing on Instagram for being a “selfish, messed-up husband”, Offset then asked for forgiveness on stage in front of a crowd at her Rolling Loud concert, where he pulled out a sign made of roses that read: “Take me back Cardi.”

The public display of affection and apparent remorse was received poorly by Cardi’s fans online, with some calling the move “toxic”.

Watch the video below;

Kennedy Agyapong gives 50,000ghc to Ahmed Suale’s wife – Kwaku Annan reveals


Kennedy Agyapong of Assin Central and NPP fame has given an amount of 50,000ghc to the late Ahmed Suale’s wife, Net2 TV presenter confirmed last night on “The Seat” show.

This comes days after the second wife of slain journalist Ahmed Suale came out to say that her late husband’s 4 children have all dropped out of school while she herself has been thrown out of her home in what she described as total neglect by her husband’s boss Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

But in a new revelation by Kwaku Annan of the seat show, he said Kennedy Agyapong has generously given 50,000 Ghana cedis to the wife of the deceased in order for them to provide for themselves and their families.

He stated that the families of the late Ahmed had approached several agencies but had been turned down.

As a reminder, Ahmed Hussein-Suale was a Ghanaian undercover investigative journalist and an associate of fellow Ghanaian investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

He died on Wednesday, 16 January 2019 when unidentified men on motorbikes shot him three times, twice in the chest and once in his neck in his vehicle.