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Chenku Saturdays Experience and all you need to know about Chenku Waterfall

I am Fredrick Kofi Deladem Dro, lead tour curator at Ghana is Beautiful, a domestic tour organizing group. Together with the team, we organize one of the most exciting experiences at the only waterfall in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana as one of our signature trips.

Fredrick Kofi Deladem Dro, lead tour curator at Ghana is Beautiful

The birth is Chenku Saturdays Experience is one I will describe as fluky. I was with tourism guru, Pajohn Bentsifi Dadson on one of his WangoWango trips when I discovered this beautiful fall.

After some months, I joined forces with my friends to go and check it out and there, we planned on having that experience very often. We agreed on every last Saturday of each month and boom! Here we are today.

We have made the place popular and have attracted more tourists and also some creative people who shoot their music videos and photos at the falls. Including Ghanaian musicians Stonebwoy and Kwami Eugene.

Stonebwoy at Chenku Waterfall

On our Chenku Saturdays Experience, we mostly carry the kitchen along where we prepare meals in the forest and have a feast. Swimming is just one of the activities on our itinerary.

Swimming is just one of the fun activities on the itinerary

After years of doing this, we have successfully had kenkey parties, fufu party, music and dance parties and recently had a paint and sip edition. We even took the massage table and some masseurs to treat patrons of our experience to some good body massage.

A meal prepared at Chenku Waterfall

Chenku Waterfall is located in the Dodowa forest and happens to be the only waterfall in the Greater Accra Region.

The waterfall, also called Wuruduwurudu Fall is about 39km from the capital city of Accra on the Madina-Somanya road.

Chenku Waterfall drops from a height of about 250 feet, running on stratified rocks into a cool, clean and clear pool and runs into the sea. One of the most iconic features of this fall are the huge rocks gathered there.

These beautiful rock forms wall with little caves under. The biggest among these rocks wall displays vividly the principle of syncline/anticline folds that indicates the massive forces that twisted the rocks during their formative years.

Direction to Chenku Waterfall

Whether driving or in a public transport, alight or take a left turn from the Dodowa junction.

The first significant thing is the Dodowa Forest, the battlefield of the Katamanso war fought in 1826.

Then, the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs which was built by Governor Guggisberg. Take another left turn unto the Chenku road where there is about 30 minutes walk to the actual falls.

Some Do’s and Dont’s at Chenku Waterfall

Chenku Waterfall serves as a source of drinking water for some inhabitants there so, dumping of refuse and other unhealthy chemicals are highly prohibited.

A female menstruating is also forbidden to get into the pool gathered under the falls. This they say is for both spiritual and logical reasons.

During heavy rains, it is not advisable to stay at the falls. Branches of tress and rocks are sometimes fall and might pose great danger.

Rocks in the pool of water sometimes get slippery and must be stepped on with caution.

Drinking and eating close to the streams and the pool gathered under the falls is highly prohibited.

Aside these few don’t, the falls is a very calm and secured place to hang around with friends and family.

Source: Fredrick Kofi Deladem Dro (Talking GH)



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