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Consumption of pawpaw will make you last longer in bed, sacks evil spirits away

Pawpaw or papaya is multipurpose fruit that abounds in nature’s goodness. It is widely considered an elixir of life. Nature has not just blessed us with this tropical fruit but also endowed the entire plant with umpteen medicinal properties.

Pawpaw or Papaya

Speaking of which, not just this soft, musky fruit has tremendous health benefits, its leaves too are known for their highly potent medicinal properties.

Just as the yellowish, orange, fleshy fruit is rich in vitamins, the green papaya leaf is A repository of vitamin A, C, E, K, B along with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium and others.

Naturally, the papaya leaf is used to cure many diseases. Its juice works wonders.

It’s an excellent cure for dengue. Dengue is known to cause a steep decrease in the platelet count in our blood. Dengue can be miraculously treated with papaya leaf juice. Boil papaya leaf in water and drink twice a day to help your body generate platelets in significant amount to battle the dengue fever and get your body healthier.

Pawpaw leaves

Improve your liver functioning with papaya leaf extract. The juices’ healing properties have the potential to cure one from chronic liver diseases- jaundice, liver cirrhosis; cancer. It naturally detoxifies the liver, and cleanses the toxins from the liver.

It improves the skin, and hair. Applying papaya juice or leaf on your body takes care of dry and flaky skin. It acts as a natural moisturizer and reduces pimples, acne; prevents excess oil secretion. And for the hair, the juice aids in hair growth, alleviates dandruff, flaky scalp and thereby imparting a great set of mane.

The leaf’s juice has acetogonin compound that works effectively to treat malaria. Its plasmodiastatic properties indirectly manage malaria fever.

Pawpaw is a good source of potassium which helps to control the heart rate, dilate blood vessels and regulate blood pressure thereby offering some protection from cardiovascular complications.

Boiling the green leaves and drinking as tea in small amounts improves the pregnancy system and ensures a safe child delivery.

Papaya controls diabetes and boosts digestion too. The juice’s medicinal property helps enhance insulin sensitivity and regulate blood sugar levels. It reduces oxidative stress and prevents kidney damage. Its enzymes work wonders for stomach ulcers, indigestion and keep bloating at bay. Given the nutrient-rich, healthy properties one can derive from papaya leaf, it won’t be wrong to consider it an elixir for life. Burn dried pawpaw leaves once a while in your room, to repel or sack away bad energy, presence of ghosts and other forms of harmful spirits in your room and workplace.


It has been discovered that the amino acid arginine found in pawpaw has its place in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. An important enzyme, Nitric Oxide Synthase acts on arginine to produce Nitric Oxide (NO) which then acts through complex pathways to dilate the blood vessels and relax the smooth muscles of the penis, thereby boosting blood flow to the reproductive organ.

Sildenafil (Viagra), a common drug employed in the treatment of erectile dysfunction also acts along this pathway. Consumption of a lot of pawpaws will make you last longer in bed. Eat pawpaw every day, be consistent, and do these over a long period of time. Drinking pawpaw leaf tea with no added sugar, increases the sexual libido in both adults and enhances moderate sex time too.

Source: Kojo Odehe



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