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“Focus On Making Music, Not Winning Awards” Rocky Dawuni Advises Artistes

Ghanaian International Reggae Musician, Rocky Dawuni, says it is unhealthy for musicians to be obsessed with winning Grammy Awards. According to him, an artiste does not make music for the sole purpose of winning awards but rather to create, innovate and make great music that could be celebrated by all.

Ghanaian Reggae musician Rocky Dawuni

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, he said that “I think that awards being done right are a reflection of innovation. So do the great works and the great works themselves will place themselves. But I feel that people being obsessed with it (Grammy Awards), for me as a musician I have an issue with that, you don’t do music just to get awards.”

Rocky Dawuni stated that artistes these days want the award because it places a label on their music however, very few are working on being innovative. The ‘Beautiful People’ singer said as a result, musicians rather would like to be on others’ albums among others as a quicker way of getting the Grammy recognition.

However, Ghanaian artistes rather need to put out whole albums that reflect the creativity of the country, Rocky Dawuni said.

“In the long run we have to use something to measure something, I think that getting a nomination for a real body of work is better. We need more nominations for the full body of work because it needs to reflect the creativity in this country,” he added.

Source: Ghanaweekend



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