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Ghanaians have underrated and pushed me aside – AK Songstress

Versatile Ghanaian artiste AK Songstress has indicated that some Ghanaians have underrated her for a very long time. And that is why she chooses to promote her music from Nigeria.

Born Akosua Kwakye, AK Songstress, has actively made music for the past seven years under Paradise Entertainment. Paradise Entertainment has produced artists like 4×4 and VIP.

She won the best female vocalist at Bass Awards 2015. Even though AK has done marvelously well and built a solid brand for herself, she does not seem satisfied with the reception from Ghanaians.

Explaining her discontentment to Christian Agyei Frimpong on Anigye Mmere on Onua FM, the diva said she’s yet to receive the much-needed support from Ghanaians. She also mentioned that some Ghanaians have underrated her talent and hard work for a long.

“We started promoting my ‘Jonathan’ song from Nigeria, which made the song blew in Ghana. Ghanaians would have to say this is one of AK’s songs. When I dropped the song… one of my staunch followers, he is a fanatic commenting all the time… When the hype caught him, he said, ‘AK I didn’t know that your song was doing well.” The question is, why didn’t you listen to the song ?”

“Probably, he thought, this song won’t fly. I am even tired, you get me? They’ve underrated me, Ghanaians have underrated me, they’ve pushed me aside. Okay, let me correct myself, some Ghanaians. Because I have people who have supported me and believed in me,” the Paradise Entertainment signee explained.

AK Songstress disclosed that she has observed that if an artist in Ghana releases songs without any planned controversies, Ghanaians will not pay attention nor hype the song.
According to her, Nigerians aren’t like . She claimed they support everyone when they see talent.

Source: Ghanaweb



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