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Ghana’s Fort Kongenstein and all you need to know about it

Fort Kongenstein (Danish: Fort Kongensten) was a Danish trading fort located in Ada Foah, Ghana built in 1783. A greater portion of the fort has since been washed away by the sea waves.

The Dutch were the first to open trade between Europe and Ada in the 16th century and built a new trading post here in 1775. Later, the Danes took over, who at this time had power over the whole coast east of Accra. They remained in Ada for more than a century and had business relationships with the locals.

To defend their trading post against the attacking neighboring tribes, the Danes built Fort Kongenstein in 1783.[2] This fort actually gave Ada Foah its name: Ada Fort, village of the fort – Wikipedia

Photography by Kwadwo Buenortey, 2021



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