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I considered suicide while working on ‘Boy Alone’ album – Omah Lay

Nigerian artiste Omah Lay has opened up about his battle with depression while working on his debut album.

Omah Lay

The ‘Infinity’ singer confessed that before the album’s release, he was experiencing some emotional difficulties and had considered suicide in a series of tweets.

In his tweets, Omah confessed that his ex-girlfriend broke up with him one midnight, and the sadness nearly drove him insane.

Omah Lay tweets

Among other things, Omah Lay said he saw people doubt and disrespect him and “people I used to look up to stopped showing me, love. I lost myself; maybe I was just overthinking, I don’t know.”

“Boy Alone might be the last song in which you hear me sob. When I recorded G, I was hopelessly depressed, insecure, terrified, and on the verge of losing my mind. I was going to actually commit suicide.”

Omah Lay tweets

He added that his battle with depression worsened after he had sexual relations with his therapists.

However, Omah Lay claimed that after completing the album’s production and listening to it, his confidence returned.

This comes months after the singer broke up with his ex. In September 2021, Omah Lay and his ex-girlfriend Gloria made their relationship public on Instagram. Soon after, the couple split up due to rumours that she had cheated.

Meanwhile, Omah Lay said his music gave him a new perspective on life. 

He added that the Boy Alone album, after listing, made him release; he is also one of the best artistes African music has seen.




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