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I make music for the club but I don’t go there – ‘Ameno’ hit maker

Atlanta-based Ghanaian record producer and artiste, Nektunez has disclosed that he doesn’t go to the club despite recording hit songs that are played in almost every club.

The artiste, who is putting Ghana on the map internationally with his latest single “Ameno”, says he is a reserved person who hardly goes out.

According to him, he doesn’t smoke, drink, or party and that explains why his music is much more popular than himself.

His manager, Salasie also confirmed on Angel Drive on Angel FM that last Friday was the first time his artiste went to the club and heard his song played.

Nektunez said he has been around and had worked with top artistes in Ghana such as Stonewboy, Manifest, and R2bees.

His twist to the Catholic chant “Ameno” has enjoyed massive airplay in both traditional and social media.

Great personalities such as Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone, Shaquille O’Neal and actress Janet Jackson, have jumped onto the trend on Tik Tok.

The song has already gone viral but became much more popular after Nigerian artiste, Goya Menor remixed it.

He hinted that he is in the process of remixing the song with an iconic artiste who has over 72.8 million streams on all digital platforms while he is shooting a video for the song in Nigeria.

Salasie called on Ghanaians to support him.

“It is amazing the love he has received from Nigeria… I don’t remember any Ghanaian artiste promoting him or saying congrats… it is crazy because when one candle lights another it doesn’t off the other

Source: Ghanaweb



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