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Know Ghana features (ALAKPLE)

Alakple is a fishing town in the Anloga District of the Volta Region of Ghana. This town is situated along the south eastern part of the Keta lagoon.

The bust of the prominent Africa American boxer Muhammad Ali is planted at the junction along the Anloga and Dabala road. That road leads to Alakple.

This town is prominent for the historical role it plays in the area. It is the home of the Nyigbla, ‘god of war’ who rode on horseback. The major clan in the town is Ameawo who are the custodians or clan responsible for nugbidodo ‘settling disputes’.

They are also believed to have control of all palm trees in Anloland. As custodians of Torgbi Nyigbla there are many taboos related to their dressing and food. for instance they are forbidden to wear shirts or blouse and sandals within the shrine.

The following are the basic taboos adopted by the shrine:

• It is a taboo for the people of Alakple to shout loud with the intention of drawing attention to ones woes.
• It is a taboo to whistle in Alakple town.
• It is a taboo to fry fish with palm kernel oil.
• Wearing of shirts/tops and sandals is prohibited within the Torgbui Nyibla shrine.

It is believed that the people of Alakple who are from the Amea clan arrived in Anloland before Torgui Wenya’s arrival in Anloga. The founder of Ameawo clan was Mahu Ahafia.

The totem of the Ameawo clan is Avutsu (male dog). This was a fitish that was given to the people of Alakple by Torgbui Tsali (a mystic man from Tsiame and founder of Tsiame clan) to protect the people from attack of wild animals.

The natives are noted for their fishing activities in the keta lagoon and in the creeks which enter the lagoon such as the Todzi.They are also craft men noted for their entrepreneurial skills.

This town is noted for prominent people:

• Hon. Clement Homado, former Member of Parliament for Anlo constituency,Former Youths and Sports Minister and Minister of Agriculture under NDC’s tenure.He was born in 1953 in this town since his parents are natives of Alakple.

Lt. Col Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka is another icon of the town. On 24th February 1966 he led the overthrow of the Kwami Nkrumah’s Government. ( CPP)

The dancehall artist Livingston Etse popularly known as Stonebwoy is also from Alakple.
And few other great personalities.

Photo Credit:Quophy Slay Photography



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