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Make The Noise! – Arnold Asamoah Baidoo to celebrities

Established entertainment writer and critic, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo via a Facebook post has urged Ghanaians and most especially the celebrities to celebrate and make noise about Rocky Dawuni’s Grammy nomination.

According to the entertainment pundit, although the noise do no really affect who wins or not, it projects the nominees and makes him very appreciated for the good works.

Rocky Dawuni

In 2016, Rocky Dawuni became the first Ghanaian to attain a Grammy nomination but he lost out – unfortunately.

In assigning possible reasons that could have been his undoing, Rocky said Ghanaians didn’t show enough support for his nomination.

Attached to this post is a report by Vanguard Nigeria on the 2022 Grammy nominations and strategically, they failed to put Rocky in the headline. That’s been the norm for Nigerian portals for a long time.

They will never project any other except theirs first.


It’s been hours, plenty hours after Rocky’s nod yet, how many of his colleagues, peers and others have posted to congratulate him or make noise about the honour?

The fact is: the populace has no hand in choosing who wins, technically – but the noise matters. It goes to show how we value and appreciate those who work hard and attain such recognition.

Mind you, the Academy members who vote are also on social media; they hear, they see – they are humans.

Make that noise!

He posted on his Facebook timeline.

Arnold Asamoah Baidoo


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