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Meet Kimberly and Priscilla Addison, the Ghanaian sisters who founded ’57 Chocolate in 2016

Kimberly Addison , Co-Founder of ‘57 Chocolate, is a graduate of Boston College’s arts and sciences program located in the United States.

At Boston College she obtained a Bachelors of Arts in French and International Studies, with a concentration in Social Justice. At ’57 Chocolate she oversees facility and inventory management, administration and sales, and serves as the recipe developer and quality control officer.

Kimberly and Priscilla Addison

Priscilla Addison , Co-Founder of ‘57 Chocolate, is a graduate of New York University’s (NYU) Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, where she obtained a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) with a specialization in International Development. At ’57 Chocolate she oversees, content creation, branding and marketing, and communications expertise.

Having spent time living in Geneva, Switzerland, the duo thought it strange how Switzerland was known for its chocolate despite not growing any cocoa while Ghana being the second-largest producer of cocoa produces very little chocolate.

Thus a handcrafted, rich in cocoa, devoid of artificial flavours, clours, and preservative was born.

Beautiful crafted 57 Chocolate

‘57 short for 1957—the year of Ghana’s independence is not just about the chocolate or cocoa products, it is about patriotism and value addition.

What’s most unique about their business is that they produce chocolate that reflects Ghanaian art and culture, particularly through our Adinkra bars.

These bite sized bars are beautifully engraved with visual symbols created by the Ashanti of Ghana.

We have a collection of 12 different , each representing a concept or a particular meaning such as leadership, beauty, humility, strength and resourcefulness.

’57 Chocolate has 5 signature flavours which are: 73% dark chocolate, 55% milk, white, mocha latte (coffee flavor), and bissap (hibiscus flavor)

It is Kimberly and Priscilla’s mission to “show the world that quality chocolate can be produced in Ghana where some of the finest cacao beans grow.”

Source: Charles Ayitey



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