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Metu Afri Ghana tackles high cost of living

Budding hiplife musician, Phaize is calling on the government to tackle the current economic hardship with his new song, ‘Metu Afri Ghana’.

Budding Ghanaian musician Phaize

On the last piece, Phaize listed unemployment, high cost of living as some of the things government should address to lessen the burden of the citizens.

‘Metu Afri Ghana’ was released last week and getting some attention with airplay on radio and television. It is also gaining good patronage on social media.

“I’m glad people are loving it particularly for the message it conveys. This proves that there are still people who pay attention to content. This song has become necessary particularly at a time when we are losing the youth who are traveling outside to seek greener pastures.


They are doing this because of the hard economic hardship in the country. As a youth who is concerned about this happening, it became my burden to find ways to address this menace and thought doing a song will best convey the sentiments of the thousands of youth enduring and suffering in the country” he told Graphic Showbiz.

Despite blaming the government for the woes of the people, Phaize encourages the youth not to “flee” the country with ‘Metu Afri Ghana’ which literally translates in Twi ‘I will leave Ghana’.

“Things are tough here but that shouldn’t push individuals to get themselves in situations that will put their lives at risk by using inappropriate means. Nothing is worth more than one’s life” he stated.

Phaize, real name Emmanuel Amoah Donkor is one of the fastest rising acts and he told Graphic Showbiz that he is very excited about the good reception accorded his likes. “It’s good to know we have a system that supports young acts like myself and give us room to shine. More interesting is having the backing of senior colleagues who are ready to teach you the essentials of the game” he said.

He believes being versatile best fits his style and kind of energy with his music.

“I featured on Shatta on Shatta Wale’s ‘Ahodwo Las Vegas’ about three years ago and it was a good exposure for me. I’ve been passionate about music ever since my big brother introduced me to rapping, I want to use my music not only to entertain but educate and inform to be beneficial to society.” He added.

Watch ‘Metu Afri Ghana’ here

Phaize – Metu Afri Ghana (Official Video)

Source: Graphic Showbiz



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