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Shocking new twist in Black Sherif & Manager legal fight

In a rather interesting new development in the tussle between Ghana music starboy Black Sherif and his former financier, Wayne Chavis, it appears the legal suit filed yesterday against Blacko may be dead in the water if a document we have sighted from the singer’s lawyers is anything to go by.

Black Sherif

The document dated 8th April 2022 and addressed to Shadrach Agyei Owusu, the name we believe Wayne Chavis goes by officially is titled TERMINATION OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT CONTRACT and confirms that indeed Black Sherif agreed to have Wayne Chavis as his manager in the agreement dated 18th August 2021.


The document goes on to claim that there has been discussions between Wayne Chavis and Black Sherif for the agreement to be terminated and due to that, Black Sherif is no longer bound by the agreement.


In court documents sighted yesterday by, Black Sherif was the subject of a lawsuit by an individual named Shadrach Adjei Owusu whom we believe to be his financier popularly known as Wayne Chavis seeking to block the singer from performing at any events or even entering into any agreements to do the aforementioned amongst several other reliefs.

According to a representative of Wayne Chavis known as Kweku Kristo, the problems started after management had expressed their disagreement with an ‘unfavorable’ proposal from Empire and yet still, Blacko went behind them to sign a contract to produce ‘Second Sermon Remix’ one song and an EP under EMPIRE, a leading independent label, distributor, and publisher.

Source : Talking GH



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