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Sorcery in Dubai, Phaize hosts first international show

Award winning Ghanaian musician, Phaize is having a time of his life as he gets to host his first international show in Dubai.

Ghanaian musician Phaize

The Asakaa hitmaker who has been the talk of town for some months now after the release of his controversial ‘Metu Afri Ghana’ single is still in the wonderland performing some sorcery.

After he was spotted in Dubai, the young musician in hosting a party on a Yatch on Saturday May 7 in Marina, Dubai.

Phaize in Dubai

In a series of posts on his social media pages, Phaize seems to be enjoying every ride of life in the United Arab Emirates.

Phaize released ‘Metu Afri Ghana’ about a month ago and has since been a hotcake. A song with summarizes the current economic hardship and high cost of living.

Watch ‘Metu Afri Ghana’ official music video here

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