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South African rapper Ricky Rick allegedly kills himself

South Africa hip hop star Ricky Rick has reportedly passed on after he took his own life by hanging himself in his home today 23rd of February 2022.

South African Rapper Ricky Rick

His shocking demise that has since sent social media into turmoil occurred after he shared suicidal messages on his social media platform.

“I’ll return a stronger man, this world is still my home,” his 3 am message read on his microblogging site.

Rumour surrounding his death sprouted online like wildfire but it was shrouded in speculation until one of his industry friends, Maphorisa confirmed it.

Meanwhile, it’s not clear what drove him to kill himself but one of his close buddies claimed he was a haunted man, From the report we gathered from Iharare, the Cotton Fest founder and the manager was slowly losing his game and relevance in the music industry.

This, coupled with social media attacks on him and his wife lately could be reason enough to support unfounded claims that he committed suicide by hanging himself.

Social media came after him for allegedly abusing his wife with whom he always posted videos looking unhappy.



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