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The Agony Of Ghanaian Workers

The issue of workers being subjected to horrible working conditions is a political issue arising from plain neglect by governments! 

This has empowered owners/bosses to abuse workers by subjecting them to back breaking work targets but very little wages which do not reflect the levels of work or match the cost of living. 

In short, workers have been left to be used without any protection, risking being denied employment should they agitate for better salaries, which ultimately leaves them in a state of confusion. “Should I quit this job?” “If I quit, what is the next option?”.

In cases where there are no “better” options other than unemployment and hunger, workers are against their personal will and wish, silently and bitterly forced to continue in working environments where they have to achieve extremely high work targets over long periods and hours, creating so  much wealth through tireless labor whilst receiving very little as salary as well as having to become “slaves” who do not challenge the boss/owner(s) in terms of the work targets and wages!

In cases  where the worker appears to have better options, the worker quits. However, what appears comparatively better is not the best or ideal. How? In an exam for instance, a D7 appears better than an E8 score. Both are undoubtedly fail grades. It is the same here. Workers, knowing it is not the best for them but slightly better than what they have currently reach a state of “I’ll take it like that”. 

Workers are caught always between the devil and the deep blue sea. ALL DOOM. Their toil and labor are always to the benefit of the owners. Their lives, at the mercy of the owners. 

Is it possible for workers to speak of freedom in a scenario where it is either they work to death enriching the owner or they are denied a livelihood through unemployment by said owner? Big No. There’s no freedom in this “owner(s) dictatorship”!

Why this is so isn’t easily discernible. People mostly say “ oh, that’s how the world works so when you open your business, you will do same”. They also go like “abi the company is for the owner”. Funny, but this is how we all are brought up. 

Let me remind all and especially workers that this is not “how the world works” or how it should be. Someone will ask; if you say this is not how it should be, then what should be done? What must workers do to free themselves from this abusive and slavish arrangement they find themselves in?

To answer this question, we will first have to ask how it is possible for owners/bosses to have the confidence to treat workers in such disgusting and dehumanizing ways. Without a force backing them, can they do it? 

No! Who or what is this backing force? Your guess is as good as mine. The government/state. 

Workers must keep in mind that without the backing and approval of the state, owners/bosses cannot impose such violence upon workers. In other words, the workers have no backing and protection from the state! 

One worker will ask; why is the state backing the owner(s)? Another will ask; why is the state choosing not to defend us against such abuses? Are we not the ones that elected them? 

Yes working people, Yes! You are the ones that elected the government/state. 

But let me also ask you. Do you know what it means when someone says “chickens have voted for Christmas?”. That is exactly what workers have done over the years!!!! Let’see how. 

The owners, after expanding profits and enriching themselves by abusing and impoverishing workers have gained the financial power to sponsor candidates who contest elections on campaigns that appease workers but in reality, they exist to protect and champion the profit-making interests of the owners who financed them with the same profits these owners made from exploiting and abusing workers. 

Some owners partake directly in the bid to form the government.

The owners form a class of their own, sponsor themselves or candidates of their choosing, get workers to vote for whoever has been chosen and then after workers have voted for the choices of the owners, the consent that legitimizes the existing abuse is given. 

Even more painful is that those who work in the political ministries and organizations of the owner(s) class as “civil/public servants” are workers who have been reduced to doers of the policies of the exploiting owner class. Workers in this so called “public sector” also find themselves in the abusive relationship! Sad

Let’s take some look at the politicians who form the heads of “government institutions, ministries and organizations, the legislature” and one realizes that they own one big business or the other across all the sectors of the economy exploiting workers to make huge profits. In simple terms, the class of owner(s) and boss(es) have political power that arise from their economic domination of workers!!! 

This explains why they enact “investor/business friendly laws” which only create peaceful and conducive envoronments to cheat and abuse workers and make enormous profits. Why are they not interested in creating a “worker friendly atmosphere?”. 

Because they do not represent the interest of workers.

Thus, the only way out of the misery, suffering, lack, debts, fatigue, abuse, depression and poverty of workers is for us to first know that we are a class of our own who must wrestle owner dictatorships and domination. 

To be able to do this without persecution from these bosses, we must have a political power that backs our decisions to unionize and become economically dominant and sufficient. 

A power that backs our will to possess the wealth we create with our labor. Remember everyday when you and your work colleagues meet to discuss how insufficient your wages are yet it’s been difficult getting an increment from your boss for so long and no authority compels your boss to do so? 

Remember the last time you and your colleagues organized a strike action and you were all sacked by the employer and no authority backed you guys? Remember you watched other colleagues get fired for the poor work conditions that affects you all, got you so scared to agitate that you have had to unwillingly continue? 

Remember you dislike your boss because of work abuses and no authority backs you despite the painful work experiences? Remember how arrogantly your boss speaks to you and you get so angry? 

Remember you are always broke and having to even give up some needs of yours yet your boss lives lavishly telling you the wage cannot be increased?

We must seek political power as a class by presenting workers from among ourselves to contest, win political power and proceed to represent our economic desires and interests. As mentioned earlier, there’s no other way out 




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