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The first ever newspaper in Africa by an African.

Started by Charles Bannerman, the Accra Herald can be considered as the first ever newspaper in Africa to be started by an African-born and bred on the continent in 1858. Started by the Ghanaian, the first few editions of the newspaper were handwritten and subsequent issues printed.

The newspaper gained huge success in West Africa and encouraged more Africans to go into newspaper production.

The newspaper was edited, printed and published entirely by natives of the Ghana with some publishing houses in Cape Coast + Accra.

English-language newspapers appeared in Ghana (Gold Coast) in the early 1800s, but they were published by whites, mostly government officials, primarily for white European merchants, civil servants and missionaries, on the assumption that both the natives and most transplanted freed slaves from England and America were illiterate.

Charles Bannerman, son of a British lieutenant government of the Ghana (Gold Coast) and a princess of an African native royal family launched the Herald, the first African-owned newspaper in West Africa, in 1858.

It was circulated at first to only about 300 subscribers – 2/3 of them Africans – and endured for sixteen years, stimulating a proliferation of African-owned newspapers later in the 19th century.

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