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The human hair is very sacred. Avoid consuming it

The human hair is one of the most power part of the body. The hair signifies power and authority.

As in the Holy Book of the Bible, the strongest man to ever lived, Sampson had all his power in his hair. He lost all his powers and strength when Delilah cut his hair.

The human hair is powerful

Judges 16:15. At long last, Delilah demanded that he reveal the secret. Samson confessed that he would lose his strength “if my head were shaved

When humans allow their hair to grow, they are welcoming the maturity, the responsibility of being fully grown, and fully powerful. In Native cultures, hair is a sacred part of self expression and spirituality. It is a part of the divine structure of who you are. This is why long hair often helps individuals feel more connected to their spiritual energy. Any item consumed, which has human hair in it, causes serious troubles to the human body. It’s always wise to check contents of food, prepared by humans, so not to consume hairs into your body.

Whenever you want to smoke your weed, make sure it’s devoid of human hair. Always be careful of people beside you when rolling your weed because any foreign material included in your weed will give you serious trouble, especially mentally. Allowing people to roll your weed for you, is also a very dangerous act because you may not know whatever item they’ll add to it. It’s very safe and advisable to check well the contents of your weed and roll it yourself. When you smoke weed with human hair in it, you’ll go mad gradually. Smoking weed which has human hair in it causes madness, which is very difficult to cure, because it has a very deep spiritual effect to it.

Source: Fredrick Kofi Deladem Dro (Talking GH), Kojo Odehe



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