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The pigweed can strengthen AIDS patients. Discover other importance of the Pigweed

The pigweed plant is a wonderful plant with so many health benefits. The leaves contain vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium. You can eat the seeds raw or cooked.

The Pigweed plant

The seeds are particularly nutritious and are very high in protein, fiber, and vitamins A and C. You can eat the seeds raw, roasted, cooked as a hot cereal, and even popped like popcorn.

When using this plant, don’t leave any part of it out. It must be cooked together with the roots and stem and the leaves.

Kids, adults, the aged and even pregnant women can use it at anytime. It mostly grows around bushy areas. It doesn’t need any specific or special rule in plucking it, just pluck it, wash and use it.

You can cook the entire plant and drink it like hot beverage. It helps and fastens recovery from chronic illnesses, reduces cholesterol level.

The pigweed is also a remedy for jaundice. It can also be an antiseptic to wash and cleanse the body’s internal organs from bacteria. When consumed, it prevents lung infections, improves brain health, cures dysentery and diarrhea too. It is a weight controller, and prevents common summer diseases. This wonderful plant eases constipation. Heavy Smokers should consider taking the tea as a habit to increase their chances of good internal organs and to remove the smoke toxins from their body. Consuming pigweed can help alleviate fever, headache, nausea, stomach-ache, and other digestive disorders. It clears fever too. You can use it for any kind of stew and soup.

Moreover, pigweed leaves have astringent properties. For that reason, tea made from these leaves can help treat sore throat, heavy menstrual bleeding, internal bleeding, and internal ulcers. Cooking the entire pigweed and drinking as tea also boosts the immune system of humans. It weakens the Human Immune Deficiency Virus and cleans the blood stream too of AIDS patients. When the dried plant is blended and mixed with brown corn or Tombrown, it strengthens AIDS patients too. For those who have committed abortions, the tea washes the body system from every blood clots and residues of aborted cells, reduces pain and ensures a stable menstrual cycle and flow afterwards.

Source: Kojo Odehe and Fredrick Kofi Deladem Dro (Talking GH)



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