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Watch: Gadzisberg drops stunning music video for “Mata No Dey ”

Ghanaian musician Gadzisberg has finally released the official music video for his party anthem, “Mata no dey” . The video released today on Coded-Chair Label official YouTube channel was shot and directed by prolific visual artiste, Director Abass who has many years of experience in the field.

Gadzisberg on set for Mata no dey

The concept for the video represents the African lifestyle when it comes to partying, hanging out with friends and how arts and entertainment is being given enough attractiveness even on the street. The entire music video was shot in Accra, Ghana specifically, British Accra one of the historic coastal communities in West Africa known for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in the previous century.

“Mata no dey” is Gadzisberg’s debut music video since joining the label this year officially to trade his music career. Follow the link to watch the video and don’t forget to also subscribe to the channel.

Watch video below

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