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We have the talent to face Nigeria Boot for Boot – DatBeatGod

Talented and award winning producer, Nana Kwaku OhemengOware popularly known as DatBeatGod believes Ghana has everything it takes to match contemporaries from Nigeria and the UK.

Via a Facebook post, the hitmaker stated that Ghana is producing super talents as much as that of Nigeria and everyother country and should be up there enjoying all the praisesfrom around the world. “Nigeria has super Singers now. That’s good but Ghana is now producing super talents, artists who make their own beats, some direct their own videos, run their own (independent) labels and are winning. We plenty for Gh (Ghana) now becos (because) the industry is forcing us to learn everything by ourselfs (ourselves). I feel we are the sort that wud (would) easily take on any Nigerian artist, UK artist, US artist, Any Art sound for sound, note for note, melody for melody!” He posted.

Via the post, DatBeatGod believes many talents are given up and going waste but didn’t state any reason behind this assertion. “I am a producer who has seen sooooooo (so) much talent give up. Too much Talent Wasting on these streets”

However, DatBeatGod also believes it is time the industry folks shine the good light on Ghanaian talents and forget about the hype. There will be as many superstars as he desires. “It’s time Gh (Ghana) shines light on talent and stop following hype pls. It’s time!!!” He posted.

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DatBeatGod is behind hit songs like Jw3 by Krymi, Mr. Drew’s This Year, Knii Lante’s This Thing and many more others you bang to.



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